Everyone will need the advice or help from a Lawyer at some time in their lives.  My1stLawyer.com has been created to assist you in finding the appropriate lawyer as easily and quickly as possible.

The 1st step in choosing a lawyer is deciding how you'd like to search for one.  This site is set up to allow you to search by the following methods:

  • Lawyers By Specialty - This area of the website lists lawyers by their specialty.  If you are more concerned in finding a Lawyer who specializes in a specific Area of Law like Divorce, Personal Injury, DUI, etc, this area will provide the quickest search results.
  • Class Action Lawyers - If you believe you are a victim who may be part of a larger Class Action Lawsuit like Vioxx, Bextra, Mesothelioma, etc, this area will provide you lists of Lawyers who specialize in these specific Class Action Lawsuits.
  • Lawyers By State - This area allows you to retrieve lists of Lawyers who serve clients in your state.
  • Lawyers By City - If having a Lawyer in your local city is important, we have thousands of Lawyers listed by the city they practice law in to assist you in your search.

Additional Resources:

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