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How do you get 15,000 one way inbound links to your website for under $20???

One of the primary criteria of Page Rank and Top Search engine placement is the number of inbound links minus the number of out bound links (this is referred to as Link Popularity) you have to your website.

Exchanging links with other websites one way of increasing your page rank, but the problem with simply exchanging links with other websites are substantial. One of the primary issues is keeping track of whether or not they keep your link on their site and the simple fact that when you exchange 1 incoming link for a link on your site (an out going link) pointing to theirs, you end up with a net gain of 0 links going towards your Link Popularity.

This does not even cover the difficulties of contacting webmasters and getting them to exchange links with you in the 1st place.

By using a link exchange service like Link Master, you eliminate the need to contact individual webmasters begging them to provide you with a link to your site. You also don’t have to worry about policing the other person’s site to ensure they maintain you’re your links. With Link Master, if a website removes their Links page to the other member’s sites (which is cheating), Link Master will remove their inbound links from the member directory.

To have any real effect on your link popularity you need AT LEAST 300 to 400 quality incoming links to your site and if you have to manually check up on each of these sites each week to assure your links are still being maintained, you'll never get anything else done.

The fastest and easiest way to increase the link popularity and search engine ranking of your website is to have more incoming links than out going links. Also important is too make sure the incoming links are relevant to your website. If you sell lawn mowers on your site, having 300 links from Travel directories is not going to help your website rankings. Search Engines have gotten smart.

Link Master is a unique link exchange service unlike any other on the Internet they are the original automated linking service. Their system works exactly the opposite of most other link exchange services; instead of requiring you to submit individual link exchange requests one-by-one to all of our members, they instantly give the option to add your website link onto all of our their (over 15,000) member's websites immediately. Then we let you decide which types of websites that you do not wish to exchange links with (if any) by using an Exclusion Filters feature.

In addition, our link exchange directory is maintained by a team of human editors to ensure that the websites in our network comply with our standards.

Becoming a member of the link exchange directory is a very simple process that can take less than ten minutes to complete. After subscribing to their service, you will be prompted to enter your website address, select an appropriate category for it, enter a title and description, and place a link on your home page pointing to your links page. An important thing to note here is that you can sign up several websites with Links Master and have all the links pages locate on just 1 of your websites domain. In this way, while all of your sites will gain the incoming links you choose, only the 1 site with your links page will have "outgoing links" on it, give your sites a REAL boost in Link Popularity. Link Master supplies the code for your links page. As soon as you complete these simple steps, a link to your website will go live on all of our member's websites. The whole process is completely automated.

The benefits of becoming a member include:

Drive new traffic to your website by exchanging links with over 15,000 members.
Freedom from the tedious duties of exchanging links manually one-by-one.
Increase your link popularity with the major search engines and directories.

Also very important is that Link Master is fully compliant with all the major search engine guidelines and standards. The last thing you want is to be black listed from one of the major search engines for participating in some low quality, spamming link farm.

Never worry about checking for non-reciprocating links - they do it for you.

Enjoy accurate link relevancy by using our unique Exclusion Filters?

Exchange links automatically every time a new member joins our service.

On final advantage to using Links Master to build your Link Popularity is that once you are a subscriber, you can earn referrals on any webmaster who contacts you to exchange links and you send to Link Master. This alone saves me a ton of time with Link Exchange work. I simply have a small link on the bottom of each page of my website (next to my copy write and index links) that reads "Link Exchange". I have this link, go directly to Links Master and let them handle the sign up and I get paid $10 per month for each new member referred by me.

How many requests do you get every month asking you to exchange links with someone? Just create a standard reply message, advising the person requesting the link exchange, that due to the volume of link exchange requests you receive every month, you refer all exchange requests to ... (and enter your affiliate link id pointing to Link Master here) and that is they wish to exchange links with you all they have to do is go there sign up and not only will they receive a link from your website, but they will also have access to 15,000 additional quality websites links. These people are already looking for this product and all you have to do is reply to their email or keep a link on your website pages.

While signing up and getting the 15,000 inbound links is a simple process that can be completed in minutes, obviously it will take the Search Engine Spiders longer to realize you have all these inbound links. In my personal experience, I starting seeing my link popularity for my sites, increase after a couple weeks and within a couple months, I was showing thousands of incoming links to my site and I've never had to manually exchange links since.

The best part about using Links Master to obtain quality links was that as my link popularity increased, my Search Engine Rankings increased which increased the number of link requests (and ultimately referrals) I get for my Links Master Affiliate program.

Receive $10.00 per month for each successful referral from your website.

We are the original automated link network. All others are cheap imitations.

For a link to Link Master and for some great free link popularity measuring tools just go to my site on the link listed below and best of luck with your Link Popularity success.

And remember once, you have Link Popularity, your get better Page Rank, and once you have good page rank, you end up listing higher in the Search Engines and after that, all you need is a good business model and the sales will come from all your new visitors.

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