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Business Lawyer

Business Lawyer
If you own a Business, odds are at some time you will need a Business Lawyer.  A Business Lawyer may mean the difference between keeping or losing your business. Following are some Business Lawyer resources.

There are basically two types of business attorneys: those who handle lawsuits (called business litigators) and those attorneys who handle contracts and corporate matters (called transactional attorneys). Some attorneys do both, but most tend to specialize in one area or the other. If you're involved in a lawsuit, look for a business litigator. Otherwise, a attorney who handles business transactions may be your best bet.

You should think about retaining a attorney or a law firm that has areas of expertise to cover your anticipated business needs in the future. It's not a bad idea, for example, to look at a "full service" firm that does both transactional work and litigation.

Look to see if a attorney is connected with associations that cater to your legal issues. For example, most bar associations have sections in business law and other related categories. Having a attorney who is involved in a chamber of commerce or other local organizations may also be a good sign, depending on your legal needs.

Unless there are special circumstances, you'll want to hire a attorney with an office that is not too far away from your business. Special circumstances where you may have to go out of town would include a situation where local attorneys don't specialize in the area where you have specific legal needs, or where you're planning on expanding operations to another location. If you're involved in business in different cities or out of state, you should also consider a attorney or law firm with offices (or with affiliations with other attorneys or firms) in some of those locations.

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